I just bought the Global SIM kit from FreedomPop for their free phone service, however I have no idea how it works exactly. Freedompop\’s service traditionally on worked on iOS and Android phones but their new SIM service appears to be different. Has anyone tried using Freedompop\’s phone service with any Windows Phone yet? It looks like I\’ll be able to change the APN settings in Windows 10 to suit Freedompop, but will it actually work? Will I be able to text and make phone calls?

First, your Windows phone must be GSM sim UNLOCKED. When you properly configure the APN to freedompop, data will work. But for voice that requires a usable 3rd party VOIP app. Freedompop only makes them for Android and iOS. I have read there are Windows phone VOIP apps that can be used if you configure them but haven\’t tried. In a pinch you could configure Google Voice with your freedompop assigned number and kind of use txting through google voice and browser…which will use data entirely. Hangouts pretty much cannot be used with windows phone 8.1 with any browser, and Windows 10\’s browser kind of works for hangouts, but otherwise I would use google voice.

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