So I was browsing through the windows store on my laptop today, I went to see Gears of War: Ultimate Edition, and I saw also available on Xbox, PC, Mobile, HoloLens, Surface Hub… Hmmmmm \’Mobile\’ what the hell… why don\’t I know about this, am I missing something? Is Microsoft brewing something in the Labs and they let this slip? Please someone confirm this… What is going on?

At work, I can\’t go to the store, but pulling it up on my phone is only showing only PC under "What does it work on?"… A little off subject, but I always wonder why they never made a GOW golf game??? There was an article years back where the developer was playing around with GOW\’s game engine and came up with a golf demo that used the game\’s grenade system, to hit/aim the ball. That would could work out great on a phone.

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