I am getting a pop up window saying "Get connected to the internet" window if i do not connect my laptop to the internet. If i connect to the internet then that pop up window is not popping up again. I completely reformatted my hard disk and installed Fall creators update and then updated completely using windows update. And also i did not install any applications. Although it\’s always asking for an internet connection. Pls. help in this regard.

Trying to understand what\’s happening here, I guess this is popping up because Windows needs to authenticate itself at least once? That would explain why, once you\’ve connected, it does not pop up again. Once authenticated, you should no longer see this message (assuming it is from Windows and not a third party piece of software wanting to connect, but you say this is on a clean install so I guess it must be Windows). I\’ve not seen this myself, but them my devices are always connected when I install the OS.

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