On Thursday evening (2300 BST) Windows 10 insisted on installing KB 40338782 & KB 4033637. Unbeknown to me Google switched my Google Drive service to \’Back up and Sync.\’. I next used this machine on Friday evening and found files missing. I looked in the recycle bin and there were no fewer that 15,500 (!) files in it on Machine 1, 6,500 each on Machines 2 and 3. I am the only person with access to any of them so that is not a factor.Looking more deeply into this, I find that 600MB of data is actually missing out of over 1 Terabyte of data Google is being very coy over this and after 48 hours is not providing any answers other than saying that the issue has been referred to a "high level" for review. The equipment is two Apple iMACs and a MAC Book Pro all happily running PC. All are less than twelve months old and have new Licences not the Windows 7 upgrade. Is anything known about this issue? Googling does not produce an answer but the extent of the problem may be comparatively small. I have also now posed the same question to Google.

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