Hi, I just upgraded from an HTC 8x running Windows 8.1 to a Microsoft Lumia 950 running Windows 10. I used to use Google Chrome on the HTC, but that doesn\’t seem to be available for the 950. The main reason I liked Chrome was that it was possible to pin individual pages to Start and each displayed an image of the page itself on the tile. Although Edge allows individual pages to be pinned to Start, they all display the standard \’e\’ logo on the tile, making it impossible to tell them apart. Is there any way to get Chrome to run on Windows 10, or to change the image displayed in Edge tiles? Thanks, Mark

Umm… Chrome was never available on Windows Phone. The only official Google app was a search app I believe. (the pinning behavior you describe was done by IE too on WP8) Unfortunately I don\’t know what browser out there does what you need though since we need to wait for Edge to get that functionality and who knows when it\’ll arrive…

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