Hi all, I posted about my most recent app release over on Reddit and thought people here may also be interested in it. I released a couple of promo codes over there but I think they will have been redeemed by now. If you\’re interested in UWP apps and Project Rome more specifically then you may like to check it out along with Remote Dialler. I personally use my app when I find a good site on my phone whilst away from desk, or when I\’m about to go out to lunch and want to continue reading a WC article or web page on my phone and don\’t want to have to browse to it manually. I also find it great to chuck a web page onto my TV via my Xbox One. Original Reddit Post – Feel free to up-vote if you think others would like to hear about it and I\’ll probably throw a few more codes on there tomorrow or something If you\’re not a fan of Reddit you can take a look at the demo video on Vimeo – I must stress though that this is a very poorly recorded video that I happened to do very quickly using a £3.09 video editing app from the Windows Store The video doesn\’t show it but it does work sending from Phone to Xbox One, I just didn\’t record that scenario and put it in. You don\’t need the app installed on the target devices they just need to be running Windows 10 Anniversary and you must be using MSA to sign into Windows. View Hand Off uwp app for Windows 10 demo (PC, Mobile, Xbox, Surface Hub, Holographic) on Vimeo I hope it\’s of interest to some people. I\’m sorry it\’s not a free app (Some of my others are such as Backup my Band and Band Daily Wallpaper (which has an optional purchase but the free trail runs forever without any restriction)

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