My daughter has a Dell Studio 540 running Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit and she\’s been asking me if it\’s OK to upgrade to Windows 10. Since I live several hundred miles from her I didn\’t want to tell her to go ahead until I had a chance to check things out and now I\’m wondering myself what to do. I fired up some Dell utility for drivers and updates and it came back with a message that said the Studio 540 had not been tested for compatibility with Windows 10 and if an upgrade was attempted things might not work. Of course that doesn\’t really mean they won\’t it only means that Dell hasn\’t tested anything and they\’re covering themselves just in case. Now The Windows Upgrade Icon is in her system tray and it says that the machine was tested and found to be compatible with no issues found so drivers might exist from Microsoft. So, has anyone upgraded a Dell Studio 540? If so, what if any problems did you encounter?

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