Amongst the many things that I don\’t like in windows 10 mobile, the one that is most annoying is Cortana\’s functionality? here are the problems: 1) It seems it has become slower and takes a lot of time doing even simple tasks such as calling someone. 2)In 8.1, I would just put in a keyword (voice or typing) into Cortana\’s search bar and she would give me all the details separately categorised into web, local, phone, images etc which you could look into by sliding side to side. For ex, if I\’d ask Cortana about \’Mr.X\’, she would, apart from the web search would also show contact details, images, messages by mr.X or messages containing keywords mr.x..etc etc. So Cortana was one efficient place for all that. But sadly all that is gone now. All I get now is a Bing search. How difficult is it for her to understand \’\’ show \’someone\’s\’ contact details" and not do a web search. I am already hating windows 10 mobile. 3) How do I enable \’hey Cortana\’ in my mobile? is it even there?

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