Been a windows phone user since WP 7.5 Here is why I had this feeling.WP7pros: Extremely user friendly,fluid OS (little of the resuming screen) , bugs ?? This is Windows Phone!! And social networking integration and me tile was a yes yes really liked that feature. cons: lack of customisation (actually wasnt that of an issue), locked out feeling without bluetooth file sharing and file explorer, lack of apps. WP8pros: better customisation, better file sharing, cortana, bit better app support.cons: less fluid, little of the earlier social integration, finding fav apps in the store is a hit and miss especially with lots of apps that are just for the name sake. The rise of the loading and resuming screens, bugs???? WP10pros: better customisation, unification of OS, continuumCons: not fluid, not user friendly (hamburger menu? really?? ), makes me feel windows phone is forever in beta. live tile updates are a hit or miss (no way to dismiss already seen info), its been years app support should have been on par with other platforms. Initially windows phone had a vision to provide the best user experience without clutter, without a steep learning curve. That vision is lost to aesthetics first and then usability. And just out of curiosity why wait almost 2 years to release a flagship why not release a flagship in between and update it to WM 10.

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