A few moments ago, I tried to download App from the store on My PC and I couldn\’t error message appears coded >> "0x800704d5" & couldn\’t Continue Purchase even if with free apps, I tried on another Windows 10 Laptop and same error couldn\’t download. I tried more apps and same error -_- , using the Mobile as hotspot fix it but still The issue present via normal Home WIFI conncetion , I tried : � Resetting the Router.� Restarting the PC.� Tried Scanning for windows errors & Hard Drive errors & everything is clear.� Disconnecting and ReConnecting to My account from the PC � Tried To use different MS Account and same problem.� Date, Time & Location are Accurate.� Cleared Windows Store Cache.� Tried Both Free & Non-Free Apps in Both PCs and same Issue. **** PLEASE, I Need a fix to it, It is ** F u c k i n g ** annoying & I\’ve seen some people stuck with it for long time , please help

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