I found myself in a very unfortunate position.I live in a digital-divide area: my internet connection is 4M down, 0.3M up (which is absolutely crap). There is nothing I can do about it and this the best I can have here! Usually I enable the updates once per year, in vacations days. One week ago I decided it was time to update my system (worst decision ever!!!!!!!).Now I am incapable of stopping these updates, they are forced into my system. Windows is downloading "Feature update to Windows 10, version 1703", again and again and again and every time it fails to install it. Since this update is something like 5GB, you can understand that I can\’t work anymore, because Windows is saturating all my bandwith to download it every time. Here I am, incapable to understand why the hell this update doesn\’t install. I even deleted all the content of the C:\\Windows\\SoftwareDistribution\\Download and tried again, but every time the install fails. I almost forgot, I also uninstalled the anti virus. Here is how I survived the last 5 days: every 5 minutes I have to open Windows Services, stop Windows Update, open a Command Prompt and do "net stop dosvc". If I don\’t do this, I can\’t even open a single plain text mail. Btw, I keep setting Windows Update Service startup type to Disabled, but every time I open Windows Services it is set to Manual. Clearly there must be some troll at Microsoft that don\’t give it a **** about user preferences. I\’m really tired of this situation. I want to stop once and for good every service related to updates. Please, is there a way to accomplish that? Otherwise I will uninstall this SO and move on to something else, I can\’t waste any more days into this pathetic situation. You know Microsoft, sometime I have to work in order to live?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!I hope someone at Microsoft will eventually understand that is absolutely useless to force updates into user systems. Not everybody have the luck to live with a decent internet connection.

Hmm, I think the update settings might change depending on the version of Windows 10 so which version do you have? (because setting the network connection as "metered" used to work in stopping updates on an older version but not anymore, some newer versions have more settings regarding deferring those large feature updates)

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