Hi, I\’m currently using all the Apple ecosystem including MacBook Pro, iPhone and iPad. I like the new Alcatel windows phone. My concern is this, I do not have a pc only a MacBook Pro. I need to transfer my cd lessons to my device or cloud to have access to it on my device daily. I use the Apple cd drive to transfer the cd to my MacBook Pro. . My question is this, does windows phone work with MacBooks at all? I heard there was a windows app but it\’s no longer available. I would like to transfer my cd to my device as well as pictures. Is this even possible now? I also realize there\’s a micro sd used on the Alcatel phone but would the sd card work from my MacBook to windows phone and vise verse? To add I either add the cd lessons onto my device directly or use Amazon Music cloud as I\’m a prime member. I hope someone has an answer for this. I really enjoyed windows phone back when it was 7. And hope that I can come back at least with my phone and still have access to what I need. Thanks in advance.

Not sure what "cd lessons" are but transferring anything between devices would be easy with one drive. just a matter of uploading it to one drive.

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