Greetings all fellow Windows Phone Current and former users. Would appreciate opinions from IOS and Android users. I got my wife a iPhone 8 from her Lumia 950 and in process got her on Verizon from AT&T. This was needed because when she visits her home town, no AT&T coverage. Good fit for her. I have some special features I love and take for granted with my 950XL with continuum, Groove and OneDrive sync that I can’t quite figure out on IOS or Android. I have been using Windows smart phones since 2002 and have never used IOS or android. Category 1 is continuum. Have 10 inch touch screen in vehicle for GPS. I can do similar with Samsung DEX but nothing I know of for IOS. Category 2 is Music. I have 10366 Songs, about 80GB. Use my OneDrive 1TB, 128GB SD card and need offline storage as out of signal sometimes. iPhone 7,8 and 10 would handle this. Android Groove does not have support for SD card and the only phone I can find with enough internal memory is the Pixel 2 but it does not have DEX. I have time as I can continue to use my 950XL for a while but very much looking forward to having Google maps on IOS or Android. I will have to hold on and wait for the correct solution. Thanks for any advice or just good friendly conversation about the issue.

For #2 use another app for music. I have an mp3 collection similar in size and used to play songs off SD card or onedrive on my old Note 4 8 months ago. I can\’t remember the music app I was using though, but it was way better than Groove. That was one of the big negs when I switched to W10M, lack of great music player. Android should be your choice.

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