This is Nate W here. I have been around the forums on Windows Central since early 2015, but I have been using the Windows platform since the 90\’s. Been using Windows Mobile type devices since about 2005/2006 to current. I skipped over Windows CE, Windows Mobile 6 and Windows Phone 7. Later came in on VZ using the Ativ SE/ICON and was hooked ever since. I wanted to open a thread up to share from my self what I feel is a realization of sorts about the world I live in and you as well maybe. I also am starting this thread to share about my experience in dealing with my obsession (OCD tendencies if you will) with Windows 10 mobile and mobile devices in general. I started off here in the forums pretty much so I felt it right to share some of this from me personally. To me what is mainly a tool/responsibility/privelage has easily become a something that consumes me for about 75% of my day. My Elite X3 (Current active device) to me is not spectacular, it is not some diamond coated odyssey that I need to cherish…it in itself is just another device running W10M that I found myself having to get and own. This among many other devices that I have easily acquired all in all while spending lots of money over time to do so. So, it is easy for me to say my name is Nate W and I am a Windows 10 Mobile addict. Even though this is true, I am realizing that I am not proud of it…anymore. I started off wanting to develop a couple of apps. I have coding experience using VB scripts and Sharepoint services, and I do scripting all the time (Linuix/UNIX based) for work, so I figured I would get to know the platform of Windows Phone/W10M, and do myself and others a favor by trying to add back to the platform by developing. Later I found that I had more of a nack for unlocking the device and enabling features or tweaks on the devices then actually building from scratch an app. This later turned into hours and hours of digging through directory trees and registry settings of different phones, also reading Microsoft hardware dev site content all trying to figure out how all the pieces of the hw and sw work together. To me all this was harmless. Until I realized how much time was being passed by sitting in front of my phone or PC. I had to experience so many different devices and OS configurations over an over again. Lately it was getting crazy and one too many days have gone by "bangin my head against the keyboard" and I am one who should know better by now. So, now that the "OCD" insights are out of the way, I want to share this last bit. I have learned that I am easily attracted to hardware. Maybe you are too?! The most important thing I have learned is that I am easily sucked into the unknowns of my own questions, interests, and curiosities, after I have that piece of HW/Tech in my possesion. Sounds stupid doesn\’t it, but I now know that I need to opress myself from certain things. I have chose to let go of owning all these handsets. This is going to be hard for me to do, and that too sounds dumb, I know. But those of you who have been there, or are in it with me, you know what this means… I was at a Target store last night as I was passing across town back home, and decided to go in, looking for sim starter kit for VZW…while inside I needed to buy milk. I found my way to the grocery section, but was confused at all the Boxes of large screen TVs every where in the isles…it then hit me. Is this what we/the public are resorting to nowadays. In the US, Thanksgiving the holidays, they are not what they should be, especially if you have hoards of boxes in the food isles at a Tartget. It is reality though, but I myself need to start sailing the other direction. Thanks for reading this with me folks and I hope you can see the same. Technology today is a privelage and a tool. But it is our responsiblity to use it wisely. This is going to be a New Year resolution. I am going to sell my remaining GSM devices, I chose to keep active on VZ which in itself limits my me on W10M devices that I can use, and I am going to support the W10M platform by using my Elite X3. Will then let go of the remaining Windows phones I have. I tried this once already and failed at it. So, what better way to hold myself double accountable than to post it here on the forums. I will share in a thread edit the Windows 10 mobile devices I have/own and update this post as they leave my possesion. I might even try to get rid of some of them on this site on the market place… EDIT: Circling back here. So not everything in life goes as planned… Plus when you\’re hooked you\’re hooked. I won\’t count this as a failure, but a lesson learned. Fortunately in my case a hobby (addiction) of this type is not a damaging one…We actually decided to switch off VZ to save money going into next year. I was not able to get rid of these phones as quickly as I thought too. Go figure right. So, the good thing was that I had a phone to use when we moved back to GSM off Verizon. Then recently a developer announced a tool he is calling Windows Phone Internals 2.2, you can google that and learn more if you need…now I do not think I hold out going into next year anyway especially with that tool coming. Anyway, I am going to try to return my VZW Elite X3 back to Microsoft. After reading all the comments I also concluded that I will always have this type of hobby/interest in Microsoft type products and services no matter how I look at it. I am still trying though to sell some of my remaining devices, but I have a feeling I will be keeping some of them around for a bit longer. 🙂 Currently in my possession:–950 XL Dual Sim – will probably keep around–Lumia 650 (Cricket) – sim unlocked –1520 32GB (RM-937 converted to an AT&T RM-940) – will probably keep around–Lumia 640 XL LTE AT&T parts – logic board, camera, mid frame/chassis etc –IDOL 4s T-Mobile – sim unlocked/posted ad locally–Madosma Q601 – bad LCD/posted on Ebay for parts–Parts – A bunch of 1520/1320/? parts (logic boards, camera modules, back covers, etc) No longer in my possession:–HP Elite X3 GSM Dual SIM – gone

Took a lot for you to come to this decision. I\’m sure I and others on this site will be happy to help in anyway we can. Thank God I\’m a user and not a technical changer or programmer.

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