My wife and I decided last spring that we would try to hang on to our three year old Verizon Lumia 822s for one more year in expectation of a 2017 Surface Phone. Here we are a year later, and now Surface Phone is 2018 (if ever) and our now four year old 822s were seriously needing to be replaced. We won\’t go back to Android because we have Surface Books and Office 365 (i.e. MS owns us) and I don\’t trust Google to not to screw over MS users again the way they did when we bought our first gen Surface Pros and found that Google had intentionally broken the ability to push GMail to the Surface Pro because of their feud with Microsoft. We got rid of our Android phones and GMail and swore we\’d never go back. So the only choice is iPhone, but once we go that route, we\’re gonna be locked in and we\’re just not ready to bail on Microsoft yet. Verizon is practically giving away the Lumia 735 ($120 new) so we decided to buy them outright with no contract, still hoping there\’s going to be a Surface Phone next year. If not, then… Anyway, these 735s are much better than our old 822s, and Windows 10 is much nicer than 8.1. We\’re not big app users, so we hope we can plug along with LastPass, TuneIn, Pandora, Amazon, Fitbit and the few other apps we use. I can\’t believe I can\’t find a simple reusable checklist app, but I figured out a OneNote workaround. My wife is bummed out that PowerTasks is no longer available, but she\’ll make do with Outlook recurring tasks. Anyway, we love the way these new phones integrate seamlessly with our Surface Books and here\’s hoping that there will actually be a Surface Phone that we can eventually move up to.

I am not sure about surface phone! Microsoft first needs to develop full multitasking windows mobile ! I don\’t know how many more times I can stick with my Lumia 540! I am getting frustrated because I can\’t use social site peacefully due to outdated fb & messenger apps for windows mobile ! And most importantly multitasking facility rare to find in windows mobile! I don\’t want to shift to android or iPhone but if Microsoft continuously ignoring & abandoning its own mobile platform then I don\’t have choice to move on! I am not sure about you & your wife decision bro! I

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