What I want is to increase how of Windows 10 creates "shadow copies" (I am not sure if that is the correct term).I am talking about when you right click a file or folder and it has that "Previous Versions" tab. Usually, for whatever reason, no previous version show on that tab but with the program Shadow Explorer (a program I used when I still had Vista) it finds the previous versions. I searched a bit and I found something called "File History" but that looks like it works as a backup and I can only enable it to store the "copies" to an external drive. I do not want that. I don\’t want a backup. Then from "System" I found "System protection" (which sound more like a backup) but I only have 2 options there:1. Adjust the Disk Space Usage, which I from what I understand it allows me to access version further in the past2. And manually create a restore point at this very moment. For 1. I do not really care that much to go in the past, usually I want to restore a folder about 10 hours ago, so the Usage for the purposes of going further in the past seems unnecessary to me.But 2. is more like what I want. I manually created a restore point, I could not see it or access it from right clicking a file or folder and going to the Previous Versions tab, BUT I could access it from Shadow Explorer. So basically I want to do 2. automatically. I found 2 articles from howtogeek.com:*http://www.howtogeek.com/howto/windows-vista/change-how-often-system-restore-creates-restore-points-in-windows-vista/*http://www.howtogeek.com/56891/use-windows-7s-previous-versions-to-go-back-in-time-and-save-your-files/ They are almost the same and the steps are very similar to Windows 10, but so far I have not seen any Restore Points created by either of those 2 ways. Any suggestions ?

Hi Welcome to Windows Central! When You click on "Previous Versions", these are Restore Points or File History. Restore points are created by MS after major up dates. You can create one manually. Here\’s a \’How To\’ from the forum. How to create a System Restore Point in Windows 10 with a simple double-click | Windows CentralFile History is a W10 back up feature that backs up all your files. Here\’s a tutorial from HTG that explains this W10 feature. How to Use Windows’ File History to Back Up Your DataIf you need more help, please ask and I will try to help you!

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