So I recently bought an HTC M8 from eBay and I LOVE IT! I miss the camera button and Glance, but that\’s pretty much it and I\’ve gotten over it. I was able to get it used for a little over $100, so not a real hit to the wallet. Now unfortunately the M8 will not be getting WM10 support at least as of now according to this pcworld report. No Windows 10 Mobile upgrade for Windows phones with 512MB RAM, HTC One M8 | PCWorld I\’m on T-mobile and the Alcatel looks very promising, but I don\’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on a phone that possibly has no future. We have no idea what or if the Surface phone will be, so how do I or can I even make sure that my next Windows Phone will be something I can hold on to for sometime? I\’ve owned an 810, 925 and now the HTC M8. I\’ve been good at getting my phones for a reasonable price thus far and I don\’t mind spending $$$ provided I really like the phone (Loved my 925 and loving the HTC) and it\’s something that will give me my moneys worth. I know everyone is not in my boat, but spending hundreds on a phone and having to be obsolete within a year is not something I\’d want to deal with. It\’s just not how "I" want to spend my money personally. Also as far as the 950\’s I think they are ugly phones and getting the Mozo helps, but that by itself is $50 alone and then you still have to buy the phone and lastly once again I\’m not a big fan from a looks perspective. The new Alcatel OneTouch looks a lot like the Galaxy to me anyway and it has the specs, but will it be supported in the future? Always and if! 🙁 So what are you folks thoughts on what to do to get a phone that I can hold on to for some time?

Make friendship with Gabe… IMHO 🙁 EDIT: I\’m took a 650 with a carrier bundle (and a replacemente future option) and I\’m satisfied.

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