Greetings, One thing that has frustrated me to a large extent, is that since I did the alleged "upgrade" to Windows 10, I have never been able to get around two main issues:1- Where do you get release notes for app updates? Typically in older versions of Windows Phone and even Windows 8.1, developers have had the option to leave a commentary highlighting what have they improve/change in their apps associated with each update. I can\’t seem to find that feature anywhere anymore. 2- Another annoying element, is the fact that both my phone and PCs running windows 10, never seem to check for updates automatically and notify me of their availability. Granted, there is an option that can automatically download and install updated apps as they\’re released. However, by activating this option, I lose the opportunity to actually know what apps have recently had updates so I can go check them out and see what improvements/changes they bring to the table. I would love to have the older setup back where the app Store use to highlight how many updates are pending as it usually scans one a day for app updates across the board. Just wanted to see if you guys have found any solutions for these annoyances? Or is everyone else just not bothered by these as I am?

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