Greetings! Ever since Windows 10 Mobile became public I\’m plagued by the problem of my Music Collection getting screwed up on my Lumia 1520 usually forcing me to revert back to Windows 8.1 Mobile pretty quickly. The Issue comes in various flavors:1. Playlists I\’ve created on the Groove Music app on my Windows 10 PC will be transferred but some Songs just went missing – They Songs ARE being transferred on the Device but they\’re marked as not available on the Playlist ( greyed out ).Removing the greyed out Songs from the Playlist and adding them from the Phone\’s Songs List will have them work on the Phone but once the Playlist syncs back to my Windows 10 PC they\’re then missing there like they were on the Phone. 2. Songs not playing entirely – It doesn\’t affect every Song but I do notice that Songs just stop playing once they reach like 50% ( just not 100% ) and then continue with the next one. 3. Playlists not continuing – I start listening to a Playlist and after a few Songs the Playback stops and I have to manually tell the Phone to continue by pushing the Play/Pause button on my Headphones. None of these issues are present on Windows 8.1 Phone. My questions thus are:Which App/Program do you use to transfer Music/Playlists from Windows 10 PC to Windows 10 Mobile?How do you handle Music and OneDrive? Do you make use of it at all?How are your Music/Playlist Settings concerning synchronizing Music across devices? Any other advice that might cure this problem? Thanks in Advance =)

I don\’t transfer playlists, I create them using the phone, no sync to cloud, no help correcting metadataI use file explorer to move music to the phone, copy/paste. I have two phones on 10 with no music problems.WMP is not a described way to transfer music.

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