It just appeared on my PC, and it asking me to download all my files etc into a "Cloud" because they are "apparently" not protected! It was originally in my Apps with an uninstall feature which did not work. It has never appeared in programmes, so I can\’t uninstall it from there. I understand from one website I visited that the appearance of MegaBackup is fairly recent. I have scanned MegaBackup using my Kaspersky Internet Security, but it found no problems Please give me a solution.

There\’s a number of articles about removing this application. This is one of them Remove Megabackup And this didn\’t "just appear" on your computer, you did something to let that happen. This probably happened when you installed some other software, so take note when installing apps that you read all of the prompts and select the right options (just hitting "next" or "Finish" all the time inevitably leads to junkware being installed).

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