I removed my flash drive, and that let me get through the install phase during windows update. Once the computer restarted I got into the Windows 10 "preparing to setup" screen, and immediately the computer rebooted and started back up with the previous version of Windows. Since then I\’ve tried using the media creation tool, and get the SAFE_OS error every time. (the update no longer shows up in settings) Awhile back I moved the UEFI boot files to a different partition, so windows wouldn\’t interfere with my Linux install. I even tried removing a duplicate and dead Windows EFI entry from the boot list, booting up with Secure boot enabled, and skipping rEFInd manager to go directly to the Windows boot manager. Does anyone know of any possible fixes?

1) Most importantly can you still boot into windows? 2) What are you trying to update? Please join and provide more information. Thank you.

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