So as the title says, I had my 640 XL on Windows 10 until early July when I reverted back to 8.1 for the following reasons: Constant SD card errors and the inability to consistently read text messages through my cars UCONNECT system while driving. Doing some research I found that re-formating my SD card to EX-FAT vice FAT32 or NTFS should resolve the SD card errors. What I\’m trying to find out now is have the recent updates resolved the UCONNECT issue. Is anyone running the latest Windows 10 Mobile and connecting to UCONNECT having any issues with Cortana reading texts?

It\’s not bad now. I only connect via bluetooth, so I have no knowledge of anything related to SDcard errors. But Cortana is pretty reliable now. It glitches every now and then, but I suspect that may be related to background noise. With WP8, the recognition rate for me was under 50%, and in many cases stunningly inept. Now it\’s a bit closer to 85%. The other thing that\’s working well is with WP10 you can voice-dictate anywhere the keyboard is used. So you could start composing an e-mail, then press the little icon on the keyboard, and dictate. Obviously not while actually driving. 🙂 However, one major annoyance is that the WP BT profile now supports "messaging", and you can\’t turn it off. So when you get an incoming text UConnect will pop up its incoming text announcement and announce loudly that you have one, then a few seconds later Cortana will announce the same (sometimes at the same time), and then you can continue with Cortana. But you *have* to press the Ignore button in the UConnect popup, or it\’ll nag you forever. I consider it a WP flaw that I can\’t select the BT profiles to use for a connection, and a UConnect flaw that I can\’t turn off the messaging stuff at all. I don\’t know if UConnect has this same behavior with Siri. Still way better than my wife\’s Mazda, which is pretty much brain-dead when it comes to Cortana. Brad.

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