Hi there, I have a simple, generic keyboard that has Power / Sleep / Wake Up buttons right above Print Screen / Scroll Lock / Pause. I want to disable them because I always shut down my computer accidentally and lose all my work. All solutions I found are for windows 7 and are about tweaking in the Control Panel\\Hardware and Sound\\Power Options\\Edit Plan Settings, where I can edit Advanced Power Settings. However, that\’s the wrong thing to do because the "Power button and lid" section is not only for keyboard, it disables the computer case buttons as well which I normally use to shut down the PC. Can you help me how on Earth I can disable those keyboard buttons in Win10?

Windows can only define what happens when a power/sleep \’button\’ signal is sent to it. It does not have separate settings for every such button you might attach. Same way that button \’A\’ produces the same result whatever keyboard you attach, even if you have two connected at once. You need to change the signal the key sends, usually done in the keyboard\’s control software/driver settings. If your keyboard has no such software (very poor, considering they went and put a power key on it), then perhaps you can find a 3rd party keyboard remapping utility somewhere? Failing that, you need to open up your keyboard and remove the offending keys physically. You would not be the first person to have resorted to that plan B.

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