How many of you techs about know this? Malware can render your PC worthless, so this is some thing you need to be aware of. I\’m counting on the good guys to keep our PC\’s up and running. Here\’s a good guy. It\’s called Windows Defender Offline. Here\’s a link from HTG that will explain all about this. I\’m recommending having one of these in your desk drawer. I welcome your comments as usual. Please move this or delete if not appropriate. There is a lot of god stuff in this link. I don\’t agree with every thing. You be the judge. Your comments are always welcome on my threads.How to Find and Remove Malware With Windows Defender Offline…dows-defender/PS One of these days I\’m going to make a good hand here on Windows Central

or you could also download and save Microsoft malicious software removal tool – in case your defender isn\’t able to clear the infection…token=c_vJwJji

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