Hello, I bought a few copies of Windows 7 Professional. They were installed on Mac via bootcamp. Those computers are no longer in use and before I abandoned them, I erased the contents of the hard drive. Currently, I also have a copy of Windows 7 installed on one computer. Have not decided whether or not to upgrade on this computer but probably not. I read that there is still a way to upgrade to Windows 10 for existing users who are running Windows 7 on their computers. For those Windows 7 licenses that I do not use currently (because I erased the hard drives of old computers), how do I get free upgrades using those licenses?

From what I understand, but can\’t verify as I have not tried it, if you are running Windows 7/8/8.1 and it has been properly licensed and activated, you can download the Windows 10 download tool https://forums.windowscentral.com/e?…token=fydxllla and still upgrade to W10 for free. Again, I have not tried it, this is just what I have read. Worst case, after upgrading it won\’t have a valid license and you could just wipe it and go back to 7/8/8.1. I may try it this weekend. I have an older laptop that still has 8.1 on it. I didn\’t upgrade it to W10 for free because I couldn\’t find the power brick back when the free upgrades were officially offered. Anyhow, a couple of months ago the power brick turned up.

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