So I\’m doing work on my laptop, and the Google Chrome tab glows orange. I check to see why, and I see "how to get help in windows 10".FOR THE 23RD TIME TODAY.I know it happens when the F1 button is pressed, and is there a way to STOP THIS from happening?Here\’s a reply on another post from a user: "Windows 10 is designed to trick you into using Bing. The update is not free. This is the way you pay for it. I cannot blame Microsoft for wanting to get a foot into the add-click and big data markets, but doing it this way….. It is shocking sharp turn in their strategy.Bing is – just like Google – designed to make you visit the pages with the most adds, not the pages with the best answers to your questions." So my question is, is there a shortcut I can turn off to stop this page from popping up?

Hi Welcome to Windows Central. I don\’t know where you got your quote from, but you are free to use any browser or search engine you chose!I have never heard of Chrome tab glowing orange. The only short cut I see, is not to check to see why Chrome is glowing orange. If you need more help, please join the forum.…community.html

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