Hello all. I\’m running the latest build of windows 10 on my dell latitude e6510. Yeah, it\’s an old beast (2010 I think), but it runs pretty well, because I clean installed windows. I don\’t have any problems or issues with it, apart from the fact that I only had intel graphics on it. When I had window 7 on it, both intel and NVidia graphics worked. After the update and a clean install, I don\’t see the NVidia graphics anywhere. The model is supposed to have NVidia nvs 3100m, but I can\’t install the drivers, because they not appear in windows update nor am I able to install them manually from either dell or NVidia\’s site. This is worrying for me, because I do some light AutoCAD, and can really use that graphics boost. Nothing on the web seems to work. Any help?

Use the links below to the NVidia site or the Dell site to download your Official NVidia NVS 3100M Driver. NVIDIA DRIVERS Quadro Desktop/Quadro Notebook Driver Release 340 WHQL nVIDIA Quadro FX 880M/1800M, NVS 3100M Graphics Driver | Dell

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