[WARN]Proceed At Your Own Risk. You are strongly urged to create a Restore Point before proceeding.[/WARN] For our example we will remove the Photos App. Go to Cortana on your Taskbar and type in Powershell. Right click on the Desktop App result and select Run as Administrator. Let Powershell load up and give you a prompt. [CODE]PS C:\\WINDOWS\\system32>[/CODE] At the prompt type in [CODE]Get-AppxPackage *photo* | Remove-AppxPackage[/CODE] Press enter. Allow the command to process. Enjoy. Substitute these package names to remove the corresponding services:

  • Photos – *photo*
  • Camera – *camera*
  • Mail and Calendar – *communi*
  • People – *people*
  • Money, Sports, News, Travel, Health, Food and Weather – *bing* or to just remove certain ones use *bingsports*, *bingtravel* etc. Use [CODE]\’Get-AppxPackage *bing* | ft Name, PackageFullName -AutoSize\'[/CODE] to view the names
  • Groove Music and Movies & TV – *zune*
  • Xbox – *xbox*
  • Solitare – *solit*
  • 3D Builder – *3d*

[INFO] If you want an App back, the Store will provide it. Simply open Store and search for the title. You will be offered the Install button. capture02.png [/INFO]

Additionally, you may get Office Picture Manager \’07 for free out of SharePoint Designer 2007. I think the old Picture Manager still works great and I use it all the time. Plus there are other nice Office tools and plug-ins inside SharePoint. https://forums.windowscentral.com/e?…token=FqbEmKTi

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