I have the Nokia 930 and waiting for Windows ten, I don\’t want my phone to die on me and send it back again for the fourth time , I want the Windows ten on my phone but I only see bad things and no one from mirosoft is helpful if they don\’t tell people really on how to get Windows ten and if your phone can REALLY HAVE IT then , I\’m sacking them and going to the dark side Apple if they are not helping and my phone dies I have tried the upgrade adviser , still have it but don\’t want to had a dead. Phone if it kills it I really want mirosoft to pay for the trouble they have made for all there clitents Help me

The Lumia 930 is eligible for Windows 10. I don\’t have a 930 so I can\’t say how performance is. I doubt that Microsoft will pay you for your trouble if it\’s an OS error. What I can suggest you do is that you can try it and if you don\’t like it, you can downgrade to Windows 8.1 using the Windows Device Recovery Tool: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/…overy-tool-faq

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