I am a long time WP user, have used many lumias.But due to \’app gap\’ and some other issues, i changed ships.As of now, i have an Iphone 6 from work, a One plus 3 as personal daily driver AND a 640 XL which i use occasionally when i get all nostalgic about WP To tell you guys the truth# Iphone is good when it comes to stability, apps, restoring from backups etc – but i always feel it is an overpriced phone with less user controls. It feels like a toy 😛 # One plus 3- very good camera, real fast charging but what puts me off is occasional heating up issues, battery drains real fast, hangs/freezes and occasional unexplained reboots. Is short, i cannot count on this device. Battery may drain unexpectedly, etc..# Lumia 640XL – love the UI, the plastic feel 😛 ( i hate metallic feel of the phones), very good camera, OS fluidity.. Occasional lags, app crashes are common but not show stoppers. I feel its real value for money **If you don\’t have issues with App gap** To Sum up, i love WP, have always loved it. BUT MS screwed it up 🙁 App gap can get frustrating sometimes. I am not a big fan of apps. I mostly use twitter, mails, whatsapp, maps etc. All these seem to work well. BUT some apps like uber, banking apps ( Indian banks) and MS office seems to suck real bad !!! ** If MS "could" close the app gap for critical apps, spend some bucks on marketing, i believe WP can bring IOS and Android to their knees** Is it just me or you folks too get the same feeling or dumping IOS/android and moving back to "home" 😉 What do you guys think? Please share views and opinions..

That\’s exactly what I did. I have used many devices on many platforms. I feel like WM works best overall for me.Is there an app gap? Yes there is, but I don\’t find it a problem in my everyday life. I prefer the OS of Windows. Sent from mTalk on my SP4

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