I should probably start off by stating that I do have obsessive-compulsive tendencies in a lot of areas of my life, but nothing debilitating and I lead a perfectly normal life. One area that greatly impacts my daily well-being, however, is my obsession with any device (desktop, laptop, phone) feeling "right". As I grew older and began using smartphones more and more, I felt an unrelenting nagging about something feeling "off". My first solution to this problem was back in 2013 when I finally switched to an HTC 8X from an HTC Incredibe (I think that\’s what I was using, can\’t recall). Windows Phone 8 was the answer to all of my "technological mental ailments". It felt incredibly clean, minimal, sexy, and smooth. I loved every minute of it and was not bothered that much by the app gap. Below is a brief timeline of my phones over the last 3 years that outlines how I am never fully satisfied, I guess. -HTC 8X in March 2013. Dropped it and screen cracked. Bought a… -Nokia Lumia 928 in September 2013. Hated it. What a disaster that phone was, embarrassingly buggy. Traded it in for a new one, which turned out to be better, and then dropped that one. Traded in for a… -iPhone 4S. Loved it for two weeks, missed my 8X. Bought a… -HTC 8X in December 2013. Fell in love all over again. Then the Icon came out, which I began itching for. I held off for a while but then… -Nokia Lumia Icon in May 2014. Man, what a device. Loved this puppy. In February of 2015, I had to give my dog back to the breeder and I felt an emptiness. I no longer liked my phone for a variety of frustrating reasons, especially because Chase vanished from Windows Phone which really pissed me off. So… -iPhone 6 in February 2015. Waited for a jailbreak. Jailbroke it and boom, themed my life away. We are now in the present day, and my feeling for wanting something fresh and new is tearing me apart like an addict. I got bored and frustrated with a jailbroken iPhone, so I upgraded to iOS 9.3 and I absolutely hate it. iOS is so incredibly ugly that I hate even using my phone anymore. I\’ve never liked iOS. You know what I\’ve always liked? Windows Phone. Never once have I felt bored from it, merely frustrated. But what I was bored by, I suppose, was the lack of apps (I know I know, we are all sick of this argument, but it\’s a real one). It\’s something I do not take for granted on my iPhone. I\’m sure there are many other things about Windows Phone that I am forgetting really sucked (I\’m sure if I picked up a Windows Phone I\’d very quickly remember the things that are lacking), but a huge selling point in phones for me is how comfortable I feel using it. If I don\’t like the look of a device, it bothers me to no end. I\’m extremely bored today because my fiance is working a 12 hour shift at the hospital, and it\’s raining outside. So I\’m sitting here watching Arsenal while feeling like I need a serious dose of Windows Phone. Does this sound insane? Yes, it does. But I miss my Windows Phone like no other and there\’s obviously some big issues with W10M that are preventing me from going to the store and buying a new device. And probably that I have a wedding to save for, but even so…you don\’t understand how hard it is to not go buy one. Every time I\’m in the mall I go and play around with them just to get my fix, but it\’s never the answer.

If you\’re in the US (I say this as you said you were watching Arsenal, but then I noticed you mentioned the Chase app & a mall lol) you could always buy an AT&T Lumia 640 as Walmart seem to have them on and off for $30. You could unlock it if you\’re on for T-Mobile.

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