Hello all, I just upgraded my sister\’s lumia 730 from WP8. 1 to Windows 10 mobile. I hard reset the phone after upgrade so it would be a smooth ride without the 8.1 junk. Now after the upgrade, if I open any non SSL site i.e http sites, for example, gsmarena.com, pocketnow.com, etc, the site loads and after a couple of seconds it redirects to ad site. No matter how many times I tried, it always redirects. At this point I hard reset the phone again, but it is still the same. I am absolutely unable to browse the Web without. t it redirecting to an ad. Anyone experienced this before? Any solution? I put her on release preview ring, current version is 10586.420Note: I\’ve tried this on mobile data too and the end result is the same. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android

Uninstall the browser and reinstall. Were you using uc browser?

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