Hi all, last night I upgraded my PC from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10. After the upgrade, I was upset because all of the Documents, Pictures, etc. folders were empty. However, I found all of my old files under C/Users/<my name>, so I moved all of them back into their respective folders in Windows 10, leaving the C/Users/<my name> folder empty. Unfortunately, this morning I booted up my PC and it went into the Windows 10 welcome screen again (where it says "Hi… All your files are where you left them… We\’ve got features you\’ll be excited about," etc.) All of my files were gone like the previous time, but this time the C/Users/<my name> folder was still empty (presumably because I moved all of it out). There is an extra 180GB of free space on the C disk now. I\’m assuming Windows has irrevocably deleted all my personal files. There is no system restore point. I\’m very upset about this and I\’m expecting to hear the worst but if anyone has any advice I\’d greatly appreciate it. Why would Windows format twice like that? Has anyone else received this problem? I\’ve also checked the windows.old folder, and the network folder – nothing. Please help!

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