My wife wants to replace her Lumia 830 since the speakers have died on it and the battery life has gotten bad. She has looked at androids and iPhones and just doesn\’t want to move away from her favorite OS. She knows that Windows 10 Mobile isn\’t being developed anymore but she still would rather have that than a droid/iPhone. So we are looking at what we can get today that works with our AT&T service. I see the Alcatel Idol and the HP Elite X3 as new phone options. But I\’ve also hear complaints about them. Are there places selling new or refurbished Lumia 950/950xl phones? What would you buy if you had to replace your current phone today with a Windows 10 Mobile (PS: I am going to try to find her a demo of the Windows Launcher for Android to see if that would change her mind any but I doubt she will go for it). She LOVES her Live Tiles and the easy interface. Help me find her a Win10 Mobile Phone please. Any resellers or deals you can think of? Best options? Best places to purchase? anything to be wary of? PS: we are both longtime Win Mobile users (going back to Zune too)

The 640 if you can find one.

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