I was doing some thinking about the future of windows X. I was thinking of a cloud login, to where you can login to your desktop from any windows device. In order to make this secure, each device will have a master login, the person who owns the device. Say for instance a family has all windows products such as mobiles, tablets or PC\’s, they can login via 2 step verification to any device they are not the master login on. When you login to any family device your own personal info will be shown and not the master login via cloud login. This cloud login would have to store bio login info such as fingerprint and 4 digit code for 2 step verification. All members of the household would have to setup up an account to where they can share devices amongst each other. When a non master login is executed on a device that person will only stay logged in until the screen is turned off. The non master login will have all of their contacts, apps, photos, continued work accessible to them on that device unless the master login person hands the device to the non master login while the master login is still signed in. Other people outside of the family account can login BUT has to be verified by the master login person to the particular device. Enterprise businesses can benefit from this cloud login also. Instead of supplying employers with PC\’s, tablets, or mobile devices they can give people the option of using the cloud login, access can be given and taken away by HR staff. I\’m sure there will be some security issues with this, but there can be work arounds. When a master login is signed in on a enterprise business account, that master login is the only person that can access the enterprise business account. When a master login signs into a device they can switch back and forth between personal and enterprise business desktops. Stolen items will be secure and documented in the cloud showing bio fingerprint of person trying to access the stolen device. The cloud login will also log gps coordinates. These devices will be secured by the thief needing the verification from the master login owner in order to access the device. The point of the cloud login is to make access to devices more convenient to users, being able to access their desktop and information from anywhere on any windows device. Bio fingerprint can also be used in the Xbox platform, going to a friends house, no problem, login with any remote along with 4 digit pin for the 2 step verification. Your gaming data follows you and you can earn points on games you don\’t even own at your friends house. This will bring a whole new meaning to cloud gaming and the ability to play Xbox games on any windows device just through a login. I\’m sure I left out a lot of vital parts, but wanted to put my ideas out there and get feedback. Please let me know what you think and how we can better this cloud login. How we can get MS to implement this?

Yeah, that does sound great. I have been wanting something similar for a long time. I work in a school with the computers, and whenever we have to install something, I have to get the admin out to enter in the password. I wish there was an option so that the admin can remotely approve a login whenever the admin password prompt was shown. It would be great if the admin could view the webcam, so they could see who was trying to log in, and maybe also see what the user was attempting to install.

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