If MS makes Windows 10 tv. It would be definitely better than android tv . What do you think?

Oh go on then, WHY. Why would Windows 10 TV be better than anything else. They already do a TV dongle for the Xbox One, yes it works but the guide is the most useless piece of crap out there. Half the stuff is one hour out of sync, the descriptions of TV programs is laughable, for example the Horror channel during the day shows almost exclusively 60\’s and 70\’s Si-Fi, there is a program 70\’s Sc-Fi show called the "The Invaders" this is often described as "How non native invasive species damage environments", there was obviously a nature program showing up as a TV program above the web search above the old Sc-Fi program that the ***** who prepares the guide used. In general I like MS stuff but just because MS makes/produces it, doesn\’t by any means equal good, in the case of the TV dongles guide in the UK its plainly researched by an ***** with no idea (And someone must be paid to do this). There is nothing wrong with liking MS products when they are good, but don\’t let that blind you to some of the crap they produce or mistakes they make.

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