Honestly, I\’ve been an avid Microsoft supporter for a while now. You could say since I was 5 years old playing with MS-DOS on my father\’s fancy new Compaq PC. But I\’m ready to say that I\’m fed up with the new Windows. As far as I\’m concerned, at the end of the day – it\’s become harder to use a computer rather than easier. Edge sucks right now. It\’s the slowest browser of anything I\’ve ever used to since XP. Yeah, I\’m sure it will get better but so they say will all the other apps on 10. I want to open my calculator real quick to crunch some numbers? It sometimes never makes it past the splash screen. I want to open up a picture off my hard disk? The photos app takes a solid minute to load. These are things that should\’ve been solved in 1990. It has actually gotten more frustrating to use a computer than it used to be since I installed Windows 10. Edge crashes all the time, scrolling sucks, some pages are just not functional that are just fine in other browsers. It\’s not what was promised. This is just unacceptable from such a large software corporation. I think it goes to show that software is in trouble. If Apple is taking over then we\’re screwed. Gone will be the days of people who know how to use a command prompt. I\’m probably just going to revert to 7 and be like one of the other old guys who are stuck in old technology and we swear that it is better. But I\’ve come to realize it\’s true. As much as I wanted to love Windows 10, I actually I hate it. All I can say is that things are broken now that didn\’t used to be, and not much has gotten better if anything. Let\’s cross our fingers for Windows 11.

I get your feelings. Being a 15 years xp user windows 10 and 8.1 are complete .what did i do-uninstalled all apps using PowerShell,made google chrome my default browser even its a complete .no way to remove OneDrive completely from pc,Splash screen even for small static apps,no windows update in control panel as the update option in settings does not work. Though there are only things that i love in windows 10 like snap,virtual desktops

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