Hi,Lumia 730 Dual SIM with Windows Mobile 8.1 on-board here needed reset to get upgrade to Windows 10 Mobile cause contact to Microsoft account had been lost completely in unrecoverable way.Prior that some Microsoft stock apps and data were moved to SD card for backup. In next step SD card was removed from Lumia. Then Upgrade to Win Phone 10 14393.1770 was completed. Update, clean-up session was completed following upgrade to Win Mobile 10. In next step the SD card was inserted back to Lumia. How to import now contacts from SD card (contacts app along with its data exported to SD from Lumia memory under Win Mobile 8.1) to Win 10 Microsoft contacts app in Lumia internal memory? Same question regarding private calendars – calendar app under Win Mob 8.1 was moved along with its data to SD card. Now this SD card is populated to same Lumia while latter one operates under Win Phone 10 (as of now latest release for Lumia 730).

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