I\’ve been looking at the Acer Switch Alpha 12 and it has 4Gb of memory. Most likely I will use it for: – browsing- Skype video calls- email- social media (ideally native apps)- facebook- twitter- watching youtube or Netflix (don\’t care about 4k)- perhaps Football Manager 2010? 🙂 Let\’s say I use these and leave Edge open with several tabs and the facebook, twitter and email apps open. Would 4Gb be enough for this with smooth and quick switching between apps? Or would I absolutely need 8Gb? Thanks

Skype vid calls and football manager would probably be the most resource hungry. So those two together would need a lot more than just 4GB. If you\’re going to be multitasking heavily, I\’d rely on the 8 instead. The 4 might be able to handle it, but you\’ll notice some lag imo

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