I can see lot of flack Microsoft is getting for windows 10 mobile. Even some of the most ardent fans of windows phone have started talk of abandoning windows phone/mobile. Some of that is valid and some of it is just unfounded. I believe this is not the time to give up on windows 10 mobile and things are going to change for better in near feature or already changing. So let me beak down the criticism in following points and will discuss about each of them in detail.1.Windows 10 mobile insiders build are buggy and no frequent builds2.Windows 10 mobile Operating system features / UX consistency3.Windows 10 mobile core apps 4.Windows 10 mobile app gap5.Lumia hardware Windows 10 mobile insiders build are buggy and no frequent buildsWell to understand this first you have to understand this is third reboot of windows phone and hopefully final one. You have to understand one thing Microsoft is developing desktop OS and making it work on mobile and Xbox and Hololens and�.. Since it is kind of almost rewrite of the windows phone 8.1 it is going to take time will have issues. The last couple of builds of windows 10 mobile have been pretty damn good. One more build is expected this week so we will start getting frequent builds. You have to understand one thing making desktop OS to work on mobile which is hard. and it�s just not making desktop OS make it work on mobile Microsoft is working on lot of bridges like Astoria etc., providing API support to developers for actionable notifications and so on. Lot of these things are going to take time and break things here and there. One thing you have to remember here these are build previews which give you give sneak peek into what�s coming in. Things are expected to be broken because some of the features are under development. Here dev team could be experimenting some of things here and there which could be creating problems. Also I believe when windows 10 mobile comes out in November the preview builds of next release (Redstone) I expect them to be more stable bcos Microsoft would have completed rewrite of OS. I know windows 10 mobile is long time coming. Since windows phone 8.1 its almost 2 years now and first there were reports last year that threshold (windows mobile 10) will come in Feb 2015 then it became May 2015 then July and now we are in November. But wait for now probably month and it will all be done. Windows 10 mobile core apps / UX ConsistencyWindows 10 mobile preview when launched had core apps which were pretty basic having lot of bugs and performance issues. The way the apps have evolved in last 2/3 months gives me confidence that at the time of windows 10 mobile release these apps will be lot more feature rich and stable. I see that Microsoft has evolved lot of apps these like photos , groove music , outlook mail and calendar apps in terms UI improvements , bug fixes performance improvements and some features being added. I see that core apps will continue to evolve given that windows 10 desktop and mobile share the same apps so even if there is fear that Microsoft may not give more focus to windows 10 mobile given the earlier experience with windows 8 but that fear is unfounded given same code base it has with windows 10 desktop OS which there bread and butter. As far as UX issue is considered since adoption of hamburger there is a lot being said about it. I think it is more of personal test which one you like and in last couple of months after listening to lot of feedback I see Microsoft bringing back pivot and ellipsis menu in lot of places. And if they have not done in some places it could be either they believe Hamburger makes more sense in the given scenario or it could just be priorities them focusing on adding features, bug fixes and performance improvements. And I believe some of these will get sorted out in near future. What gives me confidence that Microsoft will fix these problems in coming days is that I installed windows 10 on my laptop on 29th July and I see how all of the apps have evolved in last couple of months. Even on windows 10 mobile front they have accommodated lot of feedback. This is different Microsoft altogether listening to user feedback. Windows 10 mobile Operating system features Regarding operating system features I here lot of crib that window 10 mobile lack features compared to iOS and Android. But I think that now windows 10 mobile hardly lacks any features compared to other platforms. I am using windows phone since 2012 with the launch of Lumia 920. I remember back in those days windows phone lacked many features compared to other platforms like notification center, personalization options, file manager, quick actions etc. I remember when windows 8 GDR2 came with radio it was big news, it just reminds me how far we have come today with windows 10. Let us compare a bit windows 10 with ios. I think Windows 10 is way better OS than windows 10 both in terms of features and customizations. Only area where ios has advantage is since it just supports iPhone it more stable works without any lags. I see people crediting Apple for bringing 3D touch and that makes them feel windows mobile kinda lagging behind , guys 3D touch is not more than context menus which we have for edges. If we compare android with windows 10 mobile , the area where android has edge is bit more personalization options , widgets, user profiles (windows 10 has it in form of kids corner), USB tethering and better looking notifications both on lock screen and notification center. Although windows 10 mobile has edge compared to both the platforms in terms of live tiles, continuum, windows hello with (face recognition, iris scanner, finger print scanner) and is most secure platform. The point I am making here is almost all of the features which other platforms enjoy are already available of windows mobile and there are if any niggles will be added in near future. Windows 10 mobile app gapWindows 10 mobile has been consistently blamed for app gap. First of all now there are already at least half million apps which can run on windows mobile. With Microsoft building bridges to covert android (Project Astoria), ios (Project islandwood), win 32 apps (project centennial) and web apps (project westminster) the situation would only be getting better. Not only these developers have to do very little work to convert these apps into windows universal apps but they will be able to target millions of desktop, mobile, Xbox, Hololens users. Plus as Xbox One has windows 10, some of those games will make way to PC and then to mobile. Same can be said about XBOX 360 games as MS is planning to build support for those games first in XBOX One and then in PC and finally may be mobile also. I would not be surprised if windows store would be biggest store among all platforms in next 12 months given that apps will be pouring in from various bridges and native apps built as windows universal apps and Xbox games. Next 12 months would be very exciting time to get all of these apps being brought to windows 10 ecosystems. Lumia hardwarePeople are not excited about new Lumia 950 and 950 XL. Well remember we got phones like 930 with snapdragon 800 when everyone was on snapdragon 805. Windows phone would always have the specs which would be a year old. Now we have got these two phones with�fastest and latest processor�3GB RAM�best camera on any smart phone (OIS)�best display (QHD only Sony has 4k phones), �continuum (Windows mobile exclusive) �Iris scanner (Windows mobile exclusive) �Dual SIM variant �Wireless charging�SD card slot expandable up to 2TBI don�t think there is hardly anything you can fault with these mobiles for hardware except off course the design. Again everyone will have his own test for design of phones but point is even if say design is not up to mark Lumia�s are boasting latest and greatest hardware. They have best camera. And unique features like continuum and Iris scanner. Looking forward in future with surface phone coming up (hopefully with great design) with pen and latest hardware things just look better than ever. And little bit about continuum, If Microsoft can get phone for price of about $ 250 which supports continuum and bundle it with $100 display and $100 (keyboard , mouse and dock) then for $ 450 this could really turn out to be game changer especially in emerging markets where people can purchase phone and use it PC. This is pocket PC!!. I do not know when this will happen but certainly in I see no reason why year or two such bundles can be made available for $450 and with windows 10 getting better and improved continuum I can see there is huge potential for Microsoft to capitalize on Pocket PC bandwagon. With number of other OEM�s building phones with windows 10 mobile this space will only get better and exciting. Final thoughtsI know some of you have stayed with windows phone for 4 to 5 years. I can see your frustration. But if you have stayed so long with windows phone then waiting for another 6 months will not harm you. Things have never been better for windows mobile than present scenario and I think windows 10 mobile ecosystem is just getting started! �One of the best mobile OS�Quick addition of new OS features (Windows 10 mobile shares same code as desktop and will no longer be neglected)�Better core apps and frequent updates�Potential of Biggest app store on the planet in next 12 months (Astoria , islandwood, centennial, westminster)�Best of the games (XBOX games, win 32 PC games ported to mobile)�Continuum (Pocket PC!)�Phones with Latest and greatest hardware (Surface phone with Intel core m and 4 GB RAM!!!)

Oh look another doom and gloom post. What an essay. EDIT: I\’m going to go eat my hat now…

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