On the following page: http://news.softpedia.com/news/micro…t-519663.shtmlIt is stated that "Windows 10 Mobile is already an abandoned platform" and that Surface Phone (assuming that it is going to exist, and I think most people are convinced that it is) will be using Windows Polaris. I thought that Microsoft\’s intention for Windows 10 was to be able to use Windows 10 (or an edition of it) for all devices? The page does state that Windows Polaris is "a new version of Windows 10 that comes without the legacy Win32 code", but I\’m not quite sure what the reason for not using Windows 10 Mobile is. Even though I was a user & supporter of the Windows Phone OS, I accept and understand ending support for that, but with the amount of code shared by Windows 10 Mobile & the other editions of Windows 10 I just found it very surprising that they would abandon Windows 10 Mobile instead of updating or modifying it.

Short answer, yes. W10M is in maintenance, i.e., security updates like the recent one for Meltdown/Spectre, but no new features. While it shared the same kernel as W10, it had a separate shell plus it\’s own stuff for telephony, etc. Any future mobile devices, such as Andromeda, will run Windows Core OS. Check out the link for a recent WC article which explains it well.

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