Windows 10 Mobile is close to RTM, with the official roll out expected to begin in a few weeks for the first wave of devices and to be honest, Windows 10 Mobile isn�t complete. Yet.To begin with, Windows 10 Mobile has seen a big leap from Windows Phone 8 days, and a lot of features added (and a lot removed too). With all that taken into account, what�s still missing in Windows 10 Mobile, when compared to rival mobile operating systems that may hinder Windows 10 Mobile�s chances of taking over the major share of the mobile market which is now dominated by the likes of Android and iOS. Here are some of the major features/problems that are prevalent in Windows 10 Mobile�s latest mobile build when compared to iOS/Android and previous versions of Windows phone.1.Lack of AppsOh boy! This is told by everyone, and I will tell it again. Apps aren�t just there. Facebook, Uber and many other major app developers have promised universal apps for Windows 10 which are expected to come later next year, but what about other major apps? Google app suite, Snapchat, Clash of Clans and tons of other apps whose absence on the Windows store is driving away major sales. Though with Project Astoria (which is abandoned for now) and Project Islandwood, this is set to get better. But still, at the time of RTM, these major apps just aren�t there. 2.No interactive live tiles to replace Android Widgets 4.No pattern/picture lockThough some may argue that this is not a �must have� feature on mobile devices, an easy and secure way to unlock your device will always be welcomed. Microsoft should have added the picture unlock which Windows 8 PC had. 6.All in One Camera app Microsoft Camera aims at replacing the Lumia Camera app that is found in Windows Phone 8 and does a good job too. But it lacks a lot of features that just have to be there on a modern day smartphone�s camera like Panorama, Refocus, Vision, Smart cam, slow motion video recording on all phones, advance photo editing and more. Nokia had made separate apps to for these like the Lumia Panorama and Creative Studio. Apps like Photobeamer and Storyteller were removed from the store by Microsoft and these aren�t replaced. Microsoft even removed Photosynth for reasons unknown. Microsoft needs to integrate these camera features into a single app and make the camera experience good which Lumias have done in the past in terms of its hardware. 9.Inconsistent UI to back it up all. Take, for example, the people hub and the photos app, both developed by Microsoft. One has a grey underlying bar behind the pivot labels (as in the Photos app) while the other doesn�t. One shows the battery, time and network (as in the People hub) while the other doesn\’t. Look at the Windows store and suddenly you have the concept of hamburger menu in the UI. Some may argue that different apps need different UI. But in my opinion, the core OS apps must have a consistent UI. Windows phone has inconsistency in terms of hamburger menu usage, pivots and sometimes even fonts in system apps. So here are, to list out a few, drawbacks in Windows 10 Mobile which Microsoft needs to work on to help get in users to switch and really push the platform and get something out of it. Start commenting down below!

I appreciate this list. However, I am wondering if we need a new thread on this. This is nothing but repeat from other threads. It would help if some of these repetitive threads are combined. Really, it would be much appreciated!

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