Why Windows phone? I\’ve always loved the idea of having a PC in my pocket, and the evolution of Windows on phone, from Windows Mobile, to Windows Phone to Windows 10 Mobile has embodied that for me to varying degrees over the years. Beginning in 2006 with the Cingular 2125 running Windows Mobile 5.0 (my first smartphone), my Windows phone journey has ridden the spectacular crests and frustrating valleys that have defined the platform. In fact, what may surprise many who follow my work is that Iinitially rejected Windows Phone 7 as an oversimplified UI and a backward step to Windows Mobile, the powerful, flexible and open mobile OS I loved. Windows on phone, with its unique approach, is now a fading shadow of what it could\’ve been. Still, Microsoft\’s enduring Windows on mobile strategy,via the rumored Andromeda device reflects the inspiring ambition Microsoft\’s previous mobile efforts (though poorly executed) exhibited. Will, the synergy of Windows 10 on a folding pocketable device be a winner? I don\’t know. Will the device even launch? Microsoft could scrap it. Still, Microsoft\’s pursuit of a vision to put real PC power in our pockets, via context conforming hardware and software on a device coupled with telephony is inspiring. So as I contemplate my next move, Microsoft\’s Andromeda device which will likely be too expensive, or an Android phone, I\’m enjoying what inspired me years ago, the Live Tile life, on my Lumia\’s 950 XL(personal) and 1020 (business)! So what inspired you to embrace Windows phone and why are you still holding on?

Hi Jason. I have many different Nokias, a 950 xl, Idol 4s, Japanese Madosma models etc., and even some broken windows phones still sitting. I got interested in the platform during WP8. Haven\’t been around as long. Yet I\’m a Microsoft fan since from the 90\’s so it was easy for me to take an interest in the OS alone and how it works. The OS is secure and to me non-intrusive. The UI and experience is simplified. The way the visual aspect of W10M comes across to me appeals and is easier to look at. I\’m not sure quite why exactly. It simply flows together better. For me it is more tolerable than Android because we know they are all flawed in some way or another. The W10M keyboard…I\’ve not used any other handheld vkb like it. When I use Android I yearn to be texting from a W10M UI just because of the mobile kb. For some reason to me Windows 10 mobile is easier to use and maneuver through it while in the hand as a mobile device than Android or iOS. Granted I rarely use Apple\’s iOS anymore so maybe things have changed for it.. Also I\’ve never been an app person needing very few even when I started out on Android. I\’m not into social media either. There\’s no need for it from my stand point. I can get through life much easier and at times faster with out. In fact I only use a couple of 3rd party apps daily, myTube, mTalk (no longer supported), and sometimes Plex. The rest are core Msft apps built in and that\’s all I need. I do use Android at times as there are some services that I use locally that don\’t support Windows mobile, like Offerup. Ironically right now I\’m typing this from an S8+, but that\’s only because I took my sim card out of an idol 4s to use and network unlock the S8+ when I saw your post. I\’m not against the other devices or mobile OSes. I know not all users are like this and there are even apps Microsoft itself severed from support. This too has had an affect on me. So it\’s obvious Microsoft is not all in on it like a Samsung, a Sony or a Huawei and it shows.

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