I have been a Mac user for several years, however I have been working in IT with Windows for several years, therefore I am quite familiar with the interfaces, features and versions. I recently decided to add a full windows 10 laptop to get a deeper and better understanding of it, as opposed to a simple Virtual Machine. My question is this- I understand the general principle of the multiple desktops and keeping certain apps on a certain desktop. However, I have recently noticed that if I am on a certain desktop (say one with Mail or Spotify) and I click on Chrome, chrome will just open on that desktop instead of going back to the desktop that I assigned it. I checked the options of keeping the app or all its windows on all apps on all desktops) is unchecked. This also seems to happen in other apps but is more random. Furthermore, why is it that these virtual desktop settings do not remain after I reboot my machine? Thank you

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