I\’m a Telus service user, with an Lumia 830 living by Vancouver B.C I recently spoke to the nearest TELUS store & asked about when they will be providing the update to Windows 10 Mobile for L830 users such as myself. And have been told back that "They don\’t get ANY microsoft reps", which I find suspicious, and on top of that, they have absolutely no clue about providing the update to W10M. Does anyone have any idea as to why? or Perhaps an inside answer to this? One of my own suspicions is that TELUS has a deal with both Samsung & Apple – heck they even took off the L830 as their list of phones, no news of providing the L950 either since last heard it wasn\’t. The only good news is, is that it\’s eligible for an update. When? Well that\’s the question.

A store would have absolutely no idea of what you are talking about. All they do is sell phones and contracts.Find another source.

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