I use iCloud to sync my Outlook calendar and contacts across two Windows 10 PC\’s, one Surface Book Pro 4, and a Lumia 950 Windows 10 mobile Phone.* My computers and Surface Pro just updated Win10 to 15063.413 and the Lumia just updated to*15063.414. And now iCloud stopped working.* I was able to get Outlook to work on the PC\’s and the Surface Pro by reinstalling the iCloud desktop app and then reactivating it on Outlook on each device.* But the calendar and contacts on the Lumia rely on Calendar and People app built into Windows 10.* iCloud shows a "Attention required" message.* But it can\’t be fixed.* I\’ve tried deleting it and adding it back but no luck.* I\’ve tried a soft reset but no luck. Someone suggested a hard reset but I don\’t want to do that if I don\’t have to.* Right now I\’m running two identical calendars.* One on Gmail that I can sync with my phone in the meantime and one on iCloud that syncs on everything else. Anyone else encounter this problem and if so, were you able to fix it?

I think it is actually because Apple just changed to forced two factor authorization. I had an identical problem back when I had decided to try the two factor when it was optional, had these problems, then turned it off. Right now I\’ve just stopped using iCloud for everything except calendar (which works in outlook with icloud installed on the Surface). Calendar I\’m sort of stuck with right now because of family. Not sure what I\’ll do.

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