*I apologize for the typo in the headline. I don\’t know how to update it as well. So, I know our community has been having rough time lately. There has been no major announcement since, well, nobody remembers since when lets just say, long time. At present, when there are handful of Windows Mobile handsets in market and except Idol 4S and Elite X3 there is nothing much to talk about. We have been living with small hopes that leak from time to time here at windows central. Even Microsoft\’s own phones are pretty much dead. At this point, honestly, all we want is a closure as series of articles on windows central by both Dan and Jason have shared similar views and even the podcasts. I have tried tagging them on twitter and seems like they are turning a deaf ear to all the voices related to Windows Mobile, at least for the moment. But, I still believe that for 7 years of support, the least MS can do for us is to give us a closure and tell us frankly what its plans are. So, I would suggest that we as a community start a campaign to do something about it. We can create something on fb or twitter and use some hashtag (anything like #TalkAboutMobile or #WhatsUpWithWP ) to get their attention. There is a device event coming on May 2 and then build from 10 to 12. going by the news so far on it, they are not going to do anything about Windows Mobile in these events and its easier to brush aside Windows Mobile. But this can be a good opportunity for them to talk a little about future if we give it a little push. I am pretty sure people from MS do keep themselves updated on what is happening at least from communities like windows central or reddit for that matetr. What do you guys think about it? If we can get support from Dan or Zac or anyone from windowscentral\’s team to push it a little, we can at least make them talk about it.

Good Idea….at this point, I would like for them to say they no longer do WinPhones, and Mobile means "not phones". I don\’t want to have to keep buying 950xl replacement batteries because of stupid random restarts.

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