Looking for the best solution to get a miracast receiver on my tv. Looking for something that natively support project my screen I windows 10 that also projects sound and allows for extended mode(as opposed to being limited to mirror). I know most are wifi only so if there are any recommendations of ones that work well that would be helpful too. I am looking for one that uses Ethernet as I know latency is much better over hardwire connection. I will be connecting wirelessly from my devices. I have used an older Roku in the past, which worked well with my windows phone. But I never tested it with a windows 10 pc, and I\’m not sure if it supports extended mode. I would hope that this feature may have been improved upon on newer Roku models. I believe the amazon fire may also offer miracast capabilities. Not sure if they are limited to mirroring. Looking for a budget friendly option. I have an xbox already so I don\’t necessarily need something with all of the apps. If it only did miracast that would be fine. Lastly I have apple devices in my home. Anything that supports both miracast and airplay natively would be a huge plus. From my research this seems to be impossible to find. Anything that claims to work for both environments usually requires some software download like airparrot. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks everyone.

I\’m confused…if you need an ethernet cable miracast adapter, doesn\’t that defeat the purpose? Why not just use an actual video cable? Wouldn\’t both devices have to be hooked up to an ethernet cable for this to work?

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