Hey guysSo back in teh day when windows 7 pretty much came out, microsoft had this promo where people working in electronic retail could finish some online courses and can order win 7 home premium for $10. I think they had something like that recently actually.So ive been trying to find my copy (physical CD) recently and i think i may have lost it somewhere. And i wanted to format my home desktop with a fresh install.So my question is: Can i get the win 7 key from my PC?How can i go about installing a factory fresh install of win 7 from just this key? I know stuff about torrents and stuff but im guessing there is a way to do this without a torrented copy of Win7… especially in situations a person loses their physical CD.NOTE: The desktop originally came with Vista and i formatted the partition that was used to keep the factory image. So i wont be able to revert back to Vista (not that i care).Thanks guys


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