Hi all, This is my first post so I apologise if I\’m asking questions that are common to you guys. I\’ve done a fair bit of searching but can\’t seem to find an answer to my problems. I bought a Nokia Lumia 930 nearly 2 years ago now which originally came with Windows 8.1. As I work in IT and was running the fast ring versions of Windows 10 on my work laptop I decided to do the same with my phone. As I\’m sure most of you that have been on the fast ring will understand, my phone has been rolled back and forth between 8.1 and 10 due to bugs and other teething issues whilst Microsoft developed Windows 10 mobile. When the first RTM release of Windows mobile was released I didn\’t have too many issues, the problems have started to appear over the last 4-5 upgrades. So onto the problems: All of these problems occur at the same time. 1) The double tap screen to wake stops working2) Notifications don\’t wake the screen. I hear the sound to tell me I\’ve received a text or WhatsApp message but the screen stays black/off3) If I press the side button to wake the screen and then swipe down to view a notification that\’s just come in and I try to tap them but nothing happens. I have to either unlock the phone or swipe the notifications section back up, then down again, then it works.4) When on a call and I move the phone away from my face to look at the screen it stays black until I press the side button to unlock. This also means that I can\’t hang up on a call unless I first press the side button to wake the screen. The phone can be working totally fine one minute and then stop the next. I know that as soon as the double tap screen function stops working that all the other issues will be there too. A reboot doesn\’t clear the issue and neither has a full factory reset and setup it just seems completely random. I\’m running OS Build: 10.0.14393.448 and firmware version: 02540.00019.15235.40008 Any help, suggestions, and guidance will be gratefully received. Cheers,Westy

I was having a think about this last night and wonder whether the issue is hardware related! I\’ve read about the double tap to wake screen being controlled by the proximity sensor, and I assume that the screen wake during a call when you move the phone from your face is also controlled by the same sensor. So could these issues all be related to a proximity sensor that has a loose connection? This would also explain why the issues come and go. Something else I failed to mention in my original post is that the vibrate also comes and goes and has been a little dodgy ever since I dropped the phone last year. Is there any way to run diagnostics on the phone? Any apps that can detect if something isn\’t functioning correctly? Also, how easy is it to open the 930 to take a look? Cheers,Westy

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